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Social Selling: Rating Your Salesforce’s Online Presence

By thought-horizon | Sep 27, 2019

The conversations were raging over coffee at the networking break to understand which sales team was doing the best on social media. A manufacturing Sales VP boasted that his team had closed a $1M deal based on a connection made on LinkedIn. The technology sales director next to him shrugged it off saying that social selling training had brought a 10% uplift on a $100M quota.  So much for the anecdotal proof but where are is the data? One of these sales forces was using social media more for selling to clients, but which one? There’s no substantial data. 

While results do matter, without a baseline in place, you don’t have a significant way to represent the same. Having a baseline of where your sales forces is with social before implementing a program is critical to keeping the program going. Why? Because without a baseline it is impossible to measure how effective any social selling tools or training are.  

It is with this exact scenario in mind that Thought Horizon developed the Social Media Power Audit for B2B companies. We wanted to help sales and marketing executives by showing them how active their teams were RIGHT NOW on social media.

Power Audit tool is tailored to help brands champion multiple aspects of their social selling efforts by combining various reports into one. 

#1: Power audit tell you how many LinkedIn users have identified themselves as sales professionals within a company. 

#2: It highlights the number of exact users. After all, it’s not just about how you perform, but also it is all relative when trying to capture market share. 

With 100s of Power Audits, Thought Horizon has been enabling brands to identify the accurate start point and enhance their social selling programs as they proceed further.

By aggregating data over many companies, some interesting facts start to pop up. The most interesting is that no one has fully figured out how to activate on social media organically. The highest level of social presence for any company that did not already have a program was well below 50%.

Take-Home Message

There has never been a time better than this to embrace social selling into your marketing processes. Put your best foot forward while drafting a strategy that aligns your brand perfectly with organizational goals. If you are looking for a helping hand, Thought Horizon’s power audit tool can lend you one. Book our expertise today for the same!

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