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Is 2020 the Year of Change?

By thought-horizon | Jul 8, 2020

A global pandemic, a Saharan dust cloud, killer hornets, smog-free skies over New Delhi– and it’s only July. As the world changes around us, we have to change with it. What do those changes look like in the world of social selling and digital marketing?

It used to be easy to surround your customers on social. Then came the era of spammers, complicating the scene. And now? We’re back to constant communication with our clients and potential leads through a variety of social media channels – more than my pre-Covid self could have imagined.

There are pithy Twitter graphics, clickbait-titled articles, and live streamed videos, just to name a few. Our data shows that the best tactic in social media is to just speak the language of your clientele.

If the seller is willing to do the work of finding engaging content to share, they can command attention. Sellers who know how to ask intelligent questions and write well-defined social posts have the power to influence their prospects – and the more channels they use, the more power they gain. 

Take Twitter, for example. It mainly caters to celebrities and young people, full of brevity and snarky humor. But some businesses are learning to use this new language to their advantage – just look at Steak-umm’s or Ben and Jerry’s Twitter page. They combine current issues, their product, and modern humor into one page, reaching their audience on both a professional and personal level. And now the Uffizi and RijksMuseum are on TikTok – nothing is off limits for social selling anymore.

Amazingly, there is one thing that has stayed the same in social media since the inception of Thought Horizon. And that is that content continues to drive engagement. If we are trying to stay ahead of the game, this is not a time to invest in tools that aggregate users in order to drive leads. Just the opposite: it is time to invest in content that will altruistically help buyers in order to bring them into your network.

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