What makes Thought Horizon different?

Our focus on the sales person

By focusing on social success for the sales person we help them to become a thought leader by sharing the messages marketing creates.

Our focus on powerful analytics

We deliver weekly and monthly reporting that is actionable and helps you determine the ROI of social media

Our focus on a simple user interface

By making our tools simple and automated, sales people spend more time interacting and selling to prospects.

Our focus on innovation

We continually add new features as the world of social selling evolves

Our focus on marketing strategy

We avoid the perils of a ‘shotgun’ approach to social media and target buyers

Our passion for Sales

We stay focused on revenue generation and attributing that data to the social interactions of your team.

What our clients say

The Ready For Social platform flat out works for a busy salesperson. It keeps me looking good on LinkedIn and Twitter without making me look like an online robot. I can stay focused on selling knowing that if I follow the Thought Horizon social selling program, I will always be up to date and active online.
Atlanta, GA
Ready For Social is a marketer's dream come true. We regularly needed to justify our content marketing spend. Now we measure it in sales and new revenue generated through the sales team.
Seattle, WA


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